Unless we've somehow eclipsed the relevance of the Bible, I think it's safe to conclude that God intended to do stuff in our generation, too. MIKE CLARENSAU

How do you pursue the fullness of God?

In his new book, author Mike Clarensau examines five action steps toward a Spirit-empowered life: connect, grow, serve, go, and worship.

A Spirit-Empowered Life features stories of others living out these steps as well as a Think About It section at the end of each chapter. Engage the material and explore how to apply it to your own life. Get started on a path today to pursue God's absolute best in every area of your life.

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Mike Clarensau

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Mike Clarensau serves as dean of the College of Bible and Church Ministries for a Christian university. He has authored more than a dozen books, including From Belonging to Becoming, Journey to Integrity, The Sanctity of Life, and coauthored Give Them What They Want, and We Build People, a discipleship strategy book used in Pentecostal churches throughout the United States. Mike and his wife, Kerry, live in Waxahachie, Texas, and have two sons and two granddaughters.


"The Christian life was never meant to be a do-it-yourself project, and thank God it doesn't have to be! The Holy Spirit is here to empower and enable us as we serve God's purpose in our generation. In A Spirit-Empowered Life, Dr. Clarensau challenges each of us to welcome the Spirit's work and experience all God has for us in the twenty-first century. This exciting new book will inspire your journey and change your life."

Dr. Billy Wilson President of Oral Roberts University

"It seems everyone is looking for something extra. Google "personal power" and you"ll get more than 242,000,000 hits! But that search for personal power is futile"never yielding enough power to manage life and its challenges. A Spirit-Empowered Life will help you discover a new way to live. No more searching for your power in books, programs, or from the latest expert. Invest just ten minutes a day for forty days and learn what it means to truly experience power. Thank God, He has a plan for you to live differently, with His power!"

Rod Loy Senior pastor, First Assembly of God, North Little Rock, Arkansas; author of Three Questions, Immediate Obedience, and After the Honeymoon

"Incorporating the ministry of the Holy Spirit into contemporary church life has been a challenge for many leaders"often ending up with an unfortunate, passive neglect of His urgently needed help. This book is the roadmap we've been waiting for! A Spirit-Empowered Life provides an easily accessible, hunger-driven, biblical process that believers can simply follow to a more fulfilling Christian life."

Tim Enloe Author, Bible teacher, Holy Spirit Conferences/Enloe Ministries

"How would you feel if you were one of Christ"s disciples and He said: I"m leaving; you're staying. Everything you try will be opposed by an adversary; and by the way, you must go out and train everyone you meet to practice all I have commanded you. Would you feel unprepared? Overwhelmed? Fearful? If you think this is an impossible mandate, remember that He also said: Don't be afraid; I will help you to accomplish what I require. Natural ability can never produce supernatural results. In his book A Spirit-Empowered Life Mike Clarensau will lead you on an exciting journey to a life that is significant, fulfilled, and spiritually effective."

Dr. Alton Garrison Assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God

"This book gives Christ-followers an opportunity to find something more than religious tradition. Mike effectively reaches into New Testament days and brings Spirit-empowered living right to the threshold of where we live. Not only is there "more," there is more for you. When addressed, the questions raised in this text will lead the readers into transforming experiences."

Dr. Paul Brooks Vice president for academics, Southwestern Assemblies of God University, and professor of Bible and ministry

"Mike Clarensau addresses the issue of empowerment not from a theoretical perspective but from a practicing-Pentecostal perspective. His life embodies what he believes and has practiced. While this alone makes the book worth reading, he also points out how empowerment goes well beyond the verbal and visual gifts of the Spirit. Because there is more, he demonstrates the DNA of the Spirit by addressing relationships, experience, connection, and growth in our walk as believers through the Holy Spirit's empowerment."

Greg Mundis Executive director, Assemblies of God World Missions

"Mike Clarensau is a gifted writer and storyteller. What adds to the power of his narrative is that what he writes flows out of his passionate and consistent walk with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. This is a book desperately needed in the Spirit-filled family of congregations and will be a valuable source for decades to come!"

Dr. Doug Beacham Presiding bishop, International Pentecostal Holiness Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"One of the most important skills any believer can learn is how to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Mike Clarensau has provided a true gift to us in A Spirit-Empowered Life, because he uses both real life and biblical examples of how the Holy Spirit can work within us. Each brief chapter is filled with practical and applicable lessons on how to step into this dimension of power in our lives."

Jeff Leake Lead pastor of Allison Park Church, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; author of God in Motion, The Question That Changed My Life, Learning to Follow Jesus, and Praying with Confidence


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